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Unicode Characters

This is an extensive list of over 23,000 unicode characters.
Symbol Name Decimal Code Hex Code Category
Malayalam Letter Na ന ന OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Nnna ഩ ഩ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Pa പ പ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Pha ഫ ഫ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Ba ബ ബ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Bha ഭ ഭ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Ma മ മ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Ya യ യ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Ra ര ര OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Rra റ റ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter La ല ല OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Lla ള ള OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Llla ഴ ഴ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Va വ വ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Sha ശ ശ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Ssa ഷ ഷ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Sa സ സ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Ha ഹ ഹ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Ttta ഺ ഺ OtherLetter
Malayalam Sign Avagraha ഽ ഽ OtherLetter
Malayalam Vowel Sign Aa ാ ാ SpacingCombiningMark
Malayalam Vowel Sign I ി ി SpacingCombiningMark
Malayalam Vowel Sign Ii ീ ീ SpacingCombiningMark
Malayalam Vowel Sign U ു ു NonSpacingMark
Malayalam Vowel Sign Uu ൂ ൂ NonSpacingMark
Malayalam Vowel Sign Vocalic R ൃ ൃ NonSpacingMark
Malayalam Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr ൄ ൄ NonSpacingMark
Malayalam Vowel Sign E െ െ SpacingCombiningMark
Malayalam Vowel Sign Ee േ േ SpacingCombiningMark
Malayalam Vowel Sign Ai ൈ ൈ SpacingCombiningMark
Malayalam Vowel Sign O ൊ ൊ SpacingCombiningMark
Malayalam Vowel Sign Oo ോ ോ SpacingCombiningMark
Malayalam Vowel Sign Au ൌ ൌ SpacingCombiningMark
Malayalam Sign Virama ് ് NonSpacingMark
Malayalam Letter Dot Reph ൎ ൎ OtherLetter
Malayalam Au Length Mark ൗ ൗ SpacingCombiningMark
Malayalam Letter Vocalic Rr ൠ ൠ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Vocalic Ll ൡ ൡ OtherLetter
Malayalam Vowel Sign Vocalic L ൢ ൢ NonSpacingMark
Malayalam Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll ൣ ൣ NonSpacingMark
Malayalam Digit Zero ൦ ൦ DecimalDigitNumber
Malayalam Digit One ൧ ൧ DecimalDigitNumber
Malayalam Digit Two ൨ ൨ DecimalDigitNumber
Malayalam Digit Three ൩ ൩ DecimalDigitNumber
Malayalam Digit Four ൪ ൪ DecimalDigitNumber
Malayalam Digit Five ൫ ൫ DecimalDigitNumber
Malayalam Digit Six ൬ ൬ DecimalDigitNumber
Malayalam Digit Seven ൭ ൭ DecimalDigitNumber
Malayalam Digit Eight ൮ ൮ DecimalDigitNumber
Malayalam Digit Nine ൯ ൯ DecimalDigitNumber
Malayalam Number Ten ൰ ൰ OtherNumber
Malayalam Number One Hundred ൱ ൱ OtherNumber
Malayalam Number One Thousand ൲ ൲ OtherNumber
Malayalam Fraction One Quarter ൳ ൳ OtherNumber
Malayalam Fraction One Half ൴ ൴ OtherNumber
Malayalam Fraction Three Quarters ൵ ൵ OtherNumber
Malayalam Date Mark ൹ ൹ OtherSymbol
Malayalam Letter Chillu Nn ൺ ൺ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Chillu N ൻ ൻ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Chillu Rr ർ ർ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Chillu L ൽ ൽ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Chillu Ll ൾ ൾ OtherLetter
Malayalam Letter Chillu K ൿ ൿ OtherLetter
Sinhala Sign Anusvaraya ං ං SpacingCombiningMark
Sinhala Sign Visargaya ඃ ඃ SpacingCombiningMark
Sinhala Letter Ayanna අ අ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Aayanna ආ ආ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Aeyanna ඇ ඇ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Aeeyanna ඈ ඈ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Iyanna ඉ ඉ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Iiyanna ඊ ඊ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Uyanna උ උ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Uuyanna ඌ ඌ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Iruyanna ඍ ඍ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Iruuyanna ඎ ඎ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Iluyanna ඏ ඏ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Iluuyanna ඐ ඐ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Eyanna එ එ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Eeyanna ඒ ඒ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Aiyanna ඓ ඓ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Oyanna ඔ ඔ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Ooyanna ඕ ඕ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Auyanna ඖ ඖ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Kayanna ක ක OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Kayanna ඛ ඛ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Gayanna ග ග OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Gayanna ඝ ඝ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Kantaja Naasikyaya ඞ ඞ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Sanyaka Gayanna ඟ ඟ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Cayanna ච ච OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Cayanna ඡ ඡ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Jayanna ජ ජ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Jayanna ඣ ඣ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Taaluja Naasikyaya ඤ ඤ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Taaluja Sanyooga Naaksikyaya ඥ ඥ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Sanyaka Jayanna ඦ ඦ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Ttayanna ට ට OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Ttayanna ඨ ඨ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Ddayanna ඩ ඩ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Ddayanna ඪ ඪ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Muurdhaja Nayanna ණ ණ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Sanyaka Ddayanna ඬ ඬ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Tayanna ත ත OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Tayanna ථ ථ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Dayanna ද ද OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Dayanna ධ ධ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Dantaja Nayanna න න OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Sanyaka Dayanna ඳ ඳ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Payanna ප ප OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Payanna ඵ ඵ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Bayanna බ බ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Bayanna භ භ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Mayanna ම ම OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Amba Bayanna ඹ ඹ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Yayanna ය ය OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Rayanna ර ර OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Dantaja Layanna ල ල OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Vayanna ව ව OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Taaluja Sayanna ශ ශ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Muurdhaja Sayanna ෂ ෂ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Dantaja Sayanna ස ස OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Hayanna හ හ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Muurdhaja Layanna ළ ළ OtherLetter
Sinhala Letter Fayanna ෆ ෆ OtherLetter
Sinhala Sign Al-Lakuna ් ් NonSpacingMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Aela-Pilla ා ා SpacingCombiningMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Ketti Aeda-Pilla ැ ැ SpacingCombiningMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Diga Aeda-Pilla ෑ ෑ SpacingCombiningMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Ketti Is-Pilla ි ි NonSpacingMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Diga Is-Pilla ී ී NonSpacingMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Ketti Paa-Pilla ු ු NonSpacingMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Diga Paa-Pilla ූ ූ NonSpacingMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Gaetta-Pilla ෘ ෘ SpacingCombiningMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Kombuva ෙ ෙ SpacingCombiningMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Diga Kombuva ේ ේ SpacingCombiningMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Kombu Deka ෛ ෛ SpacingCombiningMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Kombuva Haa Aela-Pilla ො ො SpacingCombiningMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Kombuva Haa Diga Aela-Pilla ෝ ෝ SpacingCombiningMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Kombuva Haa Gayanukitta ෞ ෞ SpacingCombiningMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Gayanukitta ෟ ෟ SpacingCombiningMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Diga Gaetta-Pilla ෲ ෲ SpacingCombiningMark
Sinhala Vowel Sign Diga Gayanukitta ෳ ෳ SpacingCombiningMark
Sinhala Punctuation Kunddaliya ෴ ෴ OtherPunctuation
Thai Character Ko Kai ก ก OtherLetter
Thai Character Kho Khai ข ข OtherLetter
Thai Character Kho Khuat ฃ ฃ OtherLetter
Thai Character Kho Khwai ค ค OtherLetter
Thai Character Kho Khon ฅ ฅ OtherLetter
Thai Character Kho Rakhang ฆ ฆ OtherLetter
Thai Character Ngo Ngu ง ง OtherLetter
Thai Character Cho Chan จ จ OtherLetter
Thai Character Cho Ching ฉ ฉ OtherLetter
Thai Character Cho Chang ช ช OtherLetter
Thai Character So So ซ ซ OtherLetter
Thai Character Cho Choe ฌ ฌ OtherLetter
Thai Character Yo Ying ญ ญ OtherLetter
Thai Character Do Chada ฎ ฎ OtherLetter
Thai Character To Patak ฏ ฏ OtherLetter
Thai Character Tho Than ฐ ฐ OtherLetter
Thai Character Tho Nangmontho ฑ ฑ OtherLetter
Thai Character Tho Phuthao ฒ ฒ OtherLetter
Thai Character No Nen ณ ณ OtherLetter
Thai Character Do Dek ด ด OtherLetter
Thai Character To Tao ต ต OtherLetter
Thai Character Tho Thung ถ ถ OtherLetter
Thai Character Tho Thahan ท ท OtherLetter
Thai Character Tho Thong ธ ธ OtherLetter
Thai Character No Nu น น OtherLetter
Thai Character Bo Baimai บ บ OtherLetter
Thai Character Po Pla ป ป OtherLetter
Thai Character Pho Phung ผ ผ OtherLetter
Thai Character Fo Fa ฝ ฝ OtherLetter
Thai Character Pho Phan พ พ OtherLetter
Thai Character Fo Fan ฟ ฟ OtherLetter
Thai Character Pho Samphao ภ ภ OtherLetter
Thai Character Mo Ma ม ม OtherLetter
Thai Character Yo Yak ย ย OtherLetter
Thai Character Ro Rua ร ร OtherLetter
Thai Character Ru ฤ ฤ OtherLetter
Thai Character Lo Ling ล ล OtherLetter
Thai Character Lu ฦ ฦ OtherLetter
Thai Character Wo Waen ว ว OtherLetter
Thai Character So Sala ศ ศ OtherLetter
Thai Character So Rusi ษ ษ OtherLetter
Thai Character So Sua ส ส OtherLetter
Thai Character Ho Hip ห ห OtherLetter
Thai Character Lo Chula ฬ ฬ OtherLetter
Thai Character O Ang อ อ OtherLetter
Thai Character Ho Nokhuk ฮ ฮ OtherLetter
Thai Character Paiyannoi ฯ ฯ OtherLetter
Thai Character Sara A ะ ะ OtherLetter
Thai Character Mai Han-Akat ั ั NonSpacingMark
Thai Character Sara Aa า า OtherLetter
Thai Character Sara Am ำ ำ OtherLetter
Thai Character Sara I ิ ิ NonSpacingMark
Thai Character Sara Ii ี ี NonSpacingMark
Thai Character Sara Ue ึ ึ NonSpacingMark
Thai Character Sara Uee ื ื NonSpacingMark
Thai Character Sara U ุ ุ NonSpacingMark
Thai Character Sara Uu ู ู NonSpacingMark
Thai Character Phinthu ฺ ฺ NonSpacingMark
Thai Currency Symbol Baht ฿ ฿ CurrencySymbol
Thai Character Sara E เ เ OtherLetter
Thai Character Sara Ae แ แ OtherLetter
Thai Character Sara O โ โ OtherLetter
Thai Character Sara Ai Maimuan ใ ใ OtherLetter
Thai Character Sara Ai Maimalai ไ ไ OtherLetter
Thai Character Lakkhangyao ๅ ๅ OtherLetter
Thai Character Maiyamok ๆ ๆ ModifierLetter
Thai Character Maitaikhu ็ ็ NonSpacingMark
Thai Character Mai Ek ่ ่ NonSpacingMark
Thai Character Mai Tho ้ ้ NonSpacingMark
Thai Character Mai Tri ๊ ๊ NonSpacingMark
Thai Character Mai Chattawa ๋ ๋ NonSpacingMark
Thai Character Thanthakhat ์ ์ NonSpacingMark
Thai Character Nikhahit ํ ํ NonSpacingMark
Thai Character Yamakkan ๎ ๎ NonSpacingMark
Thai Character Fongman ๏ ๏ OtherPunctuation
Thai Digit Zero ๐ ๐ DecimalDigitNumber
Thai Digit One ๑ ๑ DecimalDigitNumber
Thai Digit Two ๒ ๒ DecimalDigitNumber
Thai Digit Three ๓ ๓ DecimalDigitNumber
Thai Digit Four ๔ ๔ DecimalDigitNumber
Thai Digit Five ๕ ๕ DecimalDigitNumber
Thai Digit Six ๖ ๖ DecimalDigitNumber
Thai Digit Seven ๗ ๗ DecimalDigitNumber
Thai Digit Eight ๘ ๘ DecimalDigitNumber
Thai Digit Nine ๙ ๙ DecimalDigitNumber
Thai Character Angkhankhu ๚ ๚ OtherPunctuation
Thai Character Khomut ๛ ๛ OtherPunctuation
Lao Letter Ko ກ ກ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Kho Sung ຂ ຂ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Kho Tam ຄ ຄ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Ngo ງ ງ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Co ຈ ຈ OtherLetter
Lao Letter So Tam ຊ ຊ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Nyo ຍ ຍ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Do ດ ດ OtherLetter
Lao Letter To ຕ ຕ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Tho Sung ຖ ຖ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Tho Tam ທ ທ OtherLetter
Lao Letter No ນ ນ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Bo ບ ບ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Po ປ ປ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Pho Sung ຜ ຜ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Fo Tam ຝ ຝ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Pho Tam ພ ພ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Fo Sung ຟ ຟ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Mo ມ ມ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Yo ຢ ຢ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Lo Ling ຣ ຣ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Lo Loot ລ ລ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Wo ວ ວ OtherLetter
Lao Letter So Sung ສ ສ OtherLetter
Lao Letter Ho Sung ຫ ຫ OtherLetter
Lao Letter O ອ ອ OtherLetter