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Unicode Characters

This is an extensive list of over 23,000 unicode characters.
Symbol Name Decimal Code Hex Code Category
Gurmukhi Letter Ddha ਢ ਢ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Nna ਣ ਣ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Ta ਤ ਤ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Tha ਥ ਥ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Da ਦ ਦ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Dha ਧ ਧ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Na ਨ ਨ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Pa ਪ ਪ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Pha ਫ ਫ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Ba ਬ ਬ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Bha ਭ ਭ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Ma ਮ ਮ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Ya ਯ ਯ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Ra ਰ ਰ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter La ਲ ਲ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Lla ਲ਼ ਲ਼ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Va ਵ ਵ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Sha ਸ਼ ਸ਼ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Sa ਸ ਸ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Ha ਹ ਹ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Sign Nukta ਼ ਼ NonSpacingMark
Gurmukhi Vowel Sign Aa ਾ ਾ SpacingCombiningMark
Gurmukhi Vowel Sign I ਿ ਿ SpacingCombiningMark
Gurmukhi Vowel Sign Ii ੀ ੀ SpacingCombiningMark
Gurmukhi Vowel Sign U ੁ ੁ NonSpacingMark
Gurmukhi Vowel Sign Uu ੂ ੂ NonSpacingMark
Gurmukhi Vowel Sign Ee ੇ ੇ NonSpacingMark
Gurmukhi Vowel Sign Ai ੈ ੈ NonSpacingMark
Gurmukhi Vowel Sign Oo ੋ ੋ NonSpacingMark
Gurmukhi Vowel Sign Au ੌ ੌ NonSpacingMark
Gurmukhi Sign Virama ੍ ੍ NonSpacingMark
Gurmukhi Sign Udaat ੑ ੑ NonSpacingMark
Gurmukhi Letter Khha ਖ਼ ਖ਼ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Ghha ਗ਼ ਗ਼ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Za ਜ਼ ਜ਼ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Rra ੜ ੜ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Letter Fa ਫ਼ ਫ਼ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Digit Zero ੦ ੦ DecimalDigitNumber
Gurmukhi Digit One ੧ ੧ DecimalDigitNumber
Gurmukhi Digit Two ੨ ੨ DecimalDigitNumber
Gurmukhi Digit Three ੩ ੩ DecimalDigitNumber
Gurmukhi Digit Four ੪ ੪ DecimalDigitNumber
Gurmukhi Digit Five ੫ ੫ DecimalDigitNumber
Gurmukhi Digit Six ੬ ੬ DecimalDigitNumber
Gurmukhi Digit Seven ੭ ੭ DecimalDigitNumber
Gurmukhi Digit Eight ੮ ੮ DecimalDigitNumber
Gurmukhi Digit Nine ੯ ੯ DecimalDigitNumber
Gurmukhi Tippi ੰ ੰ NonSpacingMark
Gurmukhi Addak ੱ ੱ NonSpacingMark
Gurmukhi Iri ੲ ੲ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Ura ੳ ੳ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Ek Onkar ੴ ੴ OtherLetter
Gurmukhi Sign Yakash ੵ ੵ NonSpacingMark
Gujarati Sign Candrabindu ઁ ઁ NonSpacingMark
Gujarati Sign Anusvara ં ં NonSpacingMark
Gujarati Sign Visarga ઃ ઃ SpacingCombiningMark
Gujarati Letter A અ અ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Aa આ આ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter I ઇ ઇ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Ii ઈ ઈ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter U ઉ ઉ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Uu ઊ ઊ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Vocalic R ઋ ઋ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Vocalic L ઌ ઌ OtherLetter
Gujarati Vowel Candra E ઍ ઍ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter E એ એ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Ai ઐ ઐ OtherLetter
Gujarati Vowel Candra O ઑ ઑ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter O ઓ ઓ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Au ઔ ઔ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Ka ક ક OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Kha ખ ખ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Ga ગ ગ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Gha ઘ ઘ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Nga ઙ ઙ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Ca ચ ચ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Cha છ છ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Ja જ જ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Jha ઝ ઝ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Nya ઞ ઞ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Tta ટ ટ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Ttha ઠ ઠ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Dda ડ ડ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Ddha ઢ ઢ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Nna ણ ણ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Ta ત ત OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Tha થ થ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Da દ દ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Dha ધ ધ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Na ન ન OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Pa પ પ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Pha ફ ફ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Ba બ બ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Bha ભ ભ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Ma મ મ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Ya ય ય OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Ra ર ર OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter La લ લ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Lla ળ ળ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Va વ વ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Sha શ શ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Ssa ષ ષ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Sa સ સ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Ha હ હ OtherLetter
Gujarati Sign Nukta ઼ ઼ NonSpacingMark
Gujarati Sign Avagraha ઽ ઽ OtherLetter
Gujarati Vowel Sign Aa ા ા SpacingCombiningMark
Gujarati Vowel Sign I િ િ SpacingCombiningMark
Gujarati Vowel Sign Ii ી ી SpacingCombiningMark
Gujarati Vowel Sign U ુ ુ NonSpacingMark
Gujarati Vowel Sign Uu ૂ ૂ NonSpacingMark
Gujarati Vowel Sign Vocalic R ૃ ૃ NonSpacingMark
Gujarati Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr ૄ ૄ NonSpacingMark
Gujarati Vowel Sign Candra E ૅ ૅ NonSpacingMark
Gujarati Vowel Sign E ે ે NonSpacingMark
Gujarati Vowel Sign Ai ૈ ૈ NonSpacingMark
Gujarati Vowel Sign Candra O ૉ ૉ SpacingCombiningMark
Gujarati Vowel Sign O ો ો SpacingCombiningMark
Gujarati Vowel Sign Au ૌ ૌ SpacingCombiningMark
Gujarati Sign Virama ્ ્ NonSpacingMark
Gujarati Om ૐ ૐ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Vocalic Rr ૠ ૠ OtherLetter
Gujarati Letter Vocalic Ll ૡ ૡ OtherLetter
Gujarati Vowel Sign Vocalic L ૢ ૢ NonSpacingMark
Gujarati Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll ૣ ૣ NonSpacingMark
Gujarati Digit Zero ૦ ૦ DecimalDigitNumber
Gujarati Digit One ૧ ૧ DecimalDigitNumber
Gujarati Digit Two ૨ ૨ DecimalDigitNumber
Gujarati Digit Three ૩ ૩ DecimalDigitNumber
Gujarati Digit Four ૪ ૪ DecimalDigitNumber
Gujarati Digit Five ૫ ૫ DecimalDigitNumber
Gujarati Digit Six ૬ ૬ DecimalDigitNumber
Gujarati Digit Seven ૭ ૭ DecimalDigitNumber
Gujarati Digit Eight ૮ ૮ DecimalDigitNumber
Gujarati Digit Nine ૯ ૯ DecimalDigitNumber
Gujarati Rupee Sign ૱ ૱ CurrencySymbol
Oriya Sign Candrabindu ଁ ଁ NonSpacingMark
Oriya Sign Anusvara ଂ ଂ SpacingCombiningMark
Oriya Sign Visarga ଃ ଃ SpacingCombiningMark
Oriya Letter A ଅ ଅ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Aa ଆ ଆ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter I ଇ ଇ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Ii ଈ ଈ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter U ଉ ଉ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Uu ଊ ଊ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Vocalic R ଋ ଋ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Vocalic L ଌ ଌ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter E ଏ ଏ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Ai ଐ ଐ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter O ଓ ଓ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Au ଔ ଔ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Ka କ କ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Kha ଖ ଖ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Ga ଗ ଗ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Gha ଘ ଘ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Nga ଙ ଙ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Ca ଚ ଚ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Cha ଛ ଛ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Ja ଜ ଜ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Jha ଝ ଝ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Nya ଞ ଞ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Tta ଟ ଟ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Ttha ଠ ଠ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Dda ଡ ଡ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Ddha ଢ ଢ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Nna ଣ ଣ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Ta ତ ତ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Tha ଥ ଥ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Da ଦ ଦ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Dha ଧ ଧ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Na ନ ନ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Pa ପ ପ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Pha ଫ ଫ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Ba ବ ବ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Bha ଭ ଭ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Ma ମ ମ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Ya ଯ ଯ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Ra ର ର OtherLetter
Oriya Letter La ଲ ଲ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Lla ଳ ଳ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Va ଵ ଵ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Sha ଶ ଶ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Ssa ଷ ଷ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Sa ସ ସ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Ha ହ ହ OtherLetter
Oriya Sign Nukta ଼ ଼ NonSpacingMark
Oriya Sign Avagraha ଽ ଽ OtherLetter
Oriya Vowel Sign Aa ା ା SpacingCombiningMark
Oriya Vowel Sign I ି ି NonSpacingMark
Oriya Vowel Sign Ii ୀ ୀ SpacingCombiningMark
Oriya Vowel Sign U ୁ ୁ NonSpacingMark
Oriya Vowel Sign Uu ୂ ୂ NonSpacingMark
Oriya Vowel Sign Vocalic R ୃ ୃ NonSpacingMark
Oriya Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr ୄ ୄ NonSpacingMark
Oriya Vowel Sign E େ େ SpacingCombiningMark
Oriya Vowel Sign Ai ୈ ୈ SpacingCombiningMark
Oriya Vowel Sign O ୋ ୋ SpacingCombiningMark
Oriya Vowel Sign Au ୌ ୌ SpacingCombiningMark
Oriya Sign Virama ୍ ୍ NonSpacingMark
Oriya Ai Length Mark ୖ ୖ NonSpacingMark
Oriya Au Length Mark ୗ ୗ SpacingCombiningMark
Oriya Letter Rra ଡ଼ ଡ଼ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Rha ଢ଼ ଢ଼ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Yya ୟ ୟ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Vocalic Rr ୠ ୠ OtherLetter
Oriya Letter Vocalic Ll ୡ ୡ OtherLetter
Oriya Vowel Sign Vocalic L ୢ ୢ NonSpacingMark
Oriya Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll ୣ ୣ NonSpacingMark
Oriya Digit Zero ୦ ୦ DecimalDigitNumber
Oriya Digit One ୧ ୧ DecimalDigitNumber
Oriya Digit Two ୨ ୨ DecimalDigitNumber
Oriya Digit Three ୩ ୩ DecimalDigitNumber
Oriya Digit Four ୪ ୪ DecimalDigitNumber
Oriya Digit Five ୫ ୫ DecimalDigitNumber
Oriya Digit Six ୬ ୬ DecimalDigitNumber
Oriya Digit Seven ୭ ୭ DecimalDigitNumber
Oriya Digit Eight ୮ ୮ DecimalDigitNumber
Oriya Digit Nine ୯ ୯ DecimalDigitNumber
Oriya Isshar ୰ ୰ OtherSymbol
Oriya Letter Wa ୱ ୱ OtherLetter
Oriya Fraction One Quarter ୲ ୲ OtherNumber
Oriya Fraction One Half ୳ ୳ OtherNumber
Oriya Fraction Three Quarters ୴ ୴ OtherNumber
Oriya Fraction One Sixteenth ୵ ୵ OtherNumber
Oriya Fraction One Eighth ୶ ୶ OtherNumber
Oriya Fraction Three Sixteenths ୷ ୷ OtherNumber
Tamil Sign Anusvara ஂ ஂ NonSpacingMark
Tamil Sign Visarga ஃ ஃ OtherLetter
Tamil Letter A அ அ OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Aa ஆ ஆ OtherLetter
Tamil Letter I இ இ OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Ii ஈ ஈ OtherLetter
Tamil Letter U உ உ OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Uu ஊ ஊ OtherLetter
Tamil Letter E எ எ OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Ee ஏ ஏ OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Ai ஐ ஐ OtherLetter
Tamil Letter O ஒ ஒ OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Oo ஓ ஓ OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Au ஔ ஔ OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Ka க க OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Nga ங ங OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Ca ச ச OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Ja ஜ ஜ OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Nya ஞ ஞ OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Tta ட ட OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Nna ண ண OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Ta த த OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Na ந ந OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Nnna ன ன OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Pa ப ப OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Ma ம ம OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Ya ய ய OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Ra ர ர OtherLetter
Tamil Letter Rra ற ற OtherLetter
Tamil Letter La ல ல OtherLetter