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Unicode Characters

This is an extensive list of over 23,000 unicode characters.
Symbol Name Decimal Code Hex Code Category
Cyrillic Capital Letter Komi Nje Ԋ Ԋ UppercaseLetter
Cyrillic Small Letter Komi Nje ԋ ԋ LowercaseLetter
Cyrillic Capital Letter Komi Sje Ԍ Ԍ UppercaseLetter
Cyrillic Small Letter Komi Sje ԍ ԍ LowercaseLetter
Cyrillic Capital Letter Komi Tje Ԏ Ԏ UppercaseLetter
Cyrillic Small Letter Komi Tje ԏ ԏ LowercaseLetter
Cyrillic Capital Letter Reversed Ze Ԑ Ԑ UppercaseLetter
Cyrillic Small Letter Reversed Ze ԑ ԑ LowercaseLetter
Cyrillic Capital Letter El With Hook Ԓ Ԓ UppercaseLetter
Cyrillic Small Letter El With Hook ԓ ԓ LowercaseLetter
Cyrillic Capital Letter Lha Ԕ Ԕ UppercaseLetter
Cyrillic Small Letter Lha ԕ ԕ LowercaseLetter
Cyrillic Capital Letter Rha Ԗ Ԗ UppercaseLetter
Cyrillic Small Letter Rha ԗ ԗ LowercaseLetter
Cyrillic Capital Letter Yae Ԙ Ԙ UppercaseLetter
Cyrillic Small Letter Yae ԙ ԙ LowercaseLetter
Cyrillic Capital Letter Qa Ԛ Ԛ UppercaseLetter
Cyrillic Small Letter Qa ԛ ԛ LowercaseLetter
Cyrillic Capital Letter We Ԝ Ԝ UppercaseLetter
Cyrillic Small Letter We ԝ ԝ LowercaseLetter
Cyrillic Capital Letter Aleut Ka Ԟ Ԟ UppercaseLetter
Cyrillic Small Letter Aleut Ka ԟ ԟ LowercaseLetter
Cyrillic Capital Letter El With Middle Hook Ԡ Ԡ UppercaseLetter
Cyrillic Small Letter El With Middle Hook ԡ ԡ LowercaseLetter
Cyrillic Capital Letter En With Middle Hook Ԣ Ԣ UppercaseLetter
Cyrillic Small Letter En With Middle Hook ԣ ԣ LowercaseLetter
Cyrillic Capital Letter Pe With Descender Ԥ Ԥ UppercaseLetter
Cyrillic Small Letter Pe With Descender ԥ ԥ LowercaseLetter
Cyrillic Capital Letter Shha With Descender Ԧ Ԧ UppercaseLetter
Cyrillic Small Letter Shha With Descender ԧ ԧ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Ayb Ա Ա UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Ben Բ Բ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Gim Գ Գ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Da Դ Դ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Ech Ե Ե UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Za Զ Զ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Eh Է Է UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Et Ը Ը UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter To Թ Թ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Zhe Ժ Ժ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Ini Ի Ի UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Liwn Լ Լ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Xeh Խ Խ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Ca Ծ Ծ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Ken Կ Կ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Ho Հ Հ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Ja Ձ Ձ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Ghad Ղ Ղ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Cheh Ճ Ճ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Men Մ Մ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Yi Յ Յ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Now Ն Ն UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Sha Շ Շ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Vo Ո Ո UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Cha Չ Չ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Peh Պ Պ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Jheh Ջ Ջ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Ra Ռ Ռ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Seh Ս Ս UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Vew Վ Վ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Tiwn Տ Տ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Reh Ր Ր UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Co Ց Ց UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Yiwn Ւ Ւ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Piwr Փ Փ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Keh Ք Ք UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Oh Օ Օ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Capital Letter Feh Ֆ Ֆ UppercaseLetter
Armenian Modifier Letter Left Half Ring ՙ ՙ ModifierLetter
Armenian Apostrophe ՚ ՚ OtherPunctuation
Armenian Emphasis Mark ՛ ՛ OtherPunctuation
Armenian Exclamation Mark ՜ ՜ OtherPunctuation
Armenian Comma ՝ ՝ OtherPunctuation
Armenian Question Mark ՞ ՞ OtherPunctuation
Armenian Abbreviation Mark ՟ ՟ OtherPunctuation
Armenian Small Letter Ayb ա ա LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Ben բ բ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Gim գ գ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Da դ դ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Ech ե ե LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Za զ զ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Eh է է LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Et ը ը LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter To թ թ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Zhe ժ ժ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Ini ի ի LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Liwn լ լ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Xeh խ խ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Ca ծ ծ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Ken կ կ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Ho հ հ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Ja ձ ձ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Ghad ղ ղ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Cheh ճ ճ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Men մ մ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Yi յ յ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Now ն ն LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Sha շ շ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Vo ո ո LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Cha չ չ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Peh պ պ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Jheh ջ ջ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Ra ռ ռ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Seh ս ս LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Vew վ վ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Tiwn տ տ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Reh ր ր LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Co ց ց LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Yiwn ւ ւ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Piwr փ փ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Keh ք ք LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Oh օ օ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Letter Feh ֆ ֆ LowercaseLetter
Armenian Small Ligature Ech Yiwn և և LowercaseLetter
Armenian Full Stop ։ ։ OtherPunctuation
Armenian Hyphen ֊ ֊ DashPunctuation
Hebrew Accent Etnahta ֑ ֑ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Segol ֒ ֒ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Shalshelet ֓ ֓ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Zaqef Qatan ֔ ֔ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Zaqef Gadol ֕ ֕ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Tipeha ֖ ֖ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Revia ֗ ֗ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Zarqa ֘ ֘ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Pashta ֙ ֙ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Yetiv ֚ ֚ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Tevir ֛ ֛ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Geresh ֜ ֜ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Geresh Muqdam ֝ ֝ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Gershayim ֞ ֞ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Qarney Para ֟ ֟ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Telisha Gedola ֠ ֠ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Pazer ֡ ֡ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Atnah Hafukh ֢ ֢ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Munah ֣ ֣ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Mahapakh ֤ ֤ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Merkha ֥ ֥ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Merkha Kefula ֦ ֦ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Darga ֧ ֧ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Qadma ֨ ֨ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Telisha Qetana ֩ ֩ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Yerah Ben Yomo ֪ ֪ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Ole ֫ ֫ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Iluy ֬ ֬ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Dehi ֭ ֭ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Accent Zinor ֮ ֮ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Mark Masora Circle ֯ ֯ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Point Sheva ְ ְ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Point Hataf Segol ֱ ֱ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Point Hataf Patah ֲ ֲ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Point Hataf Qamats ֳ ֳ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Point Hiriq ִ ִ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Point Tsere ֵ ֵ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Point Segol ֶ ֶ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Point Patah ַ ַ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Point Qamats ָ ָ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Point Holam ֹ ֹ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Point Holam Haser For Vav ֺ ֺ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Point Qubuts ֻ ֻ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Point Dagesh Or Mapiq ּ ּ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Point Meteg ֽ ֽ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Punctuation Maqaf ־ ־ DashPunctuation
Hebrew Point Rafe ֿ ֿ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Punctuation Paseq ׀ ׀ OtherPunctuation
Hebrew Point Shin Dot ׁ ׁ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Point Sin Dot ׂ ׂ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Punctuation Sof Pasuq ׃ ׃ OtherPunctuation
Hebrew Mark Upper Dot ׄ ׄ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Mark Lower Dot ׅ ׅ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Punctuation Nun Hafukha ׆ ׆ OtherPunctuation
Hebrew Point Qamats Qatan ׇ ׇ NonSpacingMark
Hebrew Letter Alef א א OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Bet ב ב OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Gimel ג ג OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Dalet ד ד OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter He ה ה OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Vav ו ו OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Zayin ז ז OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Het ח ח OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Tet ט ט OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Yod י י OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Final Kaf ך ך OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Kaf כ כ OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Lamed ל ל OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Final Mem ם ם OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Mem מ מ OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Final Nun ן ן OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Nun נ נ OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Samekh ס ס OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Ayin ע ע OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Final Pe ף ף OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Pe פ פ OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Final Tsadi ץ ץ OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Tsadi צ צ OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Qof ק ק OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Resh ר ר OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Shin ש ש OtherLetter
Hebrew Letter Tav ת ת OtherLetter
Hebrew Ligature Yiddish Double Vav װ װ OtherLetter
Hebrew Ligature Yiddish Vav Yod ױ ױ OtherLetter
Hebrew Ligature Yiddish Double Yod ײ ײ OtherLetter
Hebrew Punctuation Geresh ׳ ׳ OtherPunctuation
Hebrew Punctuation Gershayim ״ ״ OtherPunctuation
Arabic Number Sign ؀ ؀ Format
Arabic Sign Sanah ؁ ؁ Format
Arabic Footnote Marker ؂ ؂ Format
Arabic Sign Safha ؃ ؃ Format
Arabic-Indic Cube Root ؆ ؆ MathSymbol
Arabic-Indic Fourth Root ؇ ؇ MathSymbol
Arabic Ray ؈ ؈ MathSymbol
Arabic-Indic Per Mille Sign ؉ ؉ OtherPunctuation
Arabic-Indic Per Ten Thousand Sign ؊ ؊ OtherPunctuation
Afghani Sign ؋ ؋ CurrencySymbol
Arabic Comma ، ، OtherPunctuation
Arabic Date Separator ؍ ؍ OtherPunctuation
Arabic Poetic Verse Sign ؎ ؎ OtherSymbol
Arabic Sign Misra ؏ ؏ OtherSymbol
Arabic Sign Sallallahou Alayhe Wassallam ؐ ؐ NonSpacingMark
Arabic Sign Alayhe Assallam ؑ ؑ NonSpacingMark
Arabic Sign Rahmatullah Alayhe ؒ ؒ NonSpacingMark
Arabic Sign Radi Allahou Anhu ؓ ؓ NonSpacingMark
Arabic Sign Takhallus ؔ ؔ NonSpacingMark
Arabic Small High Tah ؕ ؕ NonSpacingMark
Arabic Small High Ligature Alef With Lam With Yeh ؖ ؖ NonSpacingMark
Arabic Small High Zain ؗ ؗ NonSpacingMark
Arabic Small Fatha ؘ ؘ NonSpacingMark
Arabic Small Damma ؙ ؙ NonSpacingMark
Arabic Small Kasra ؚ ؚ NonSpacingMark
Arabic Semicolon ؛ ؛ OtherPunctuation
Arabic Triple Dot Punctuation Mark ؞ ؞ OtherPunctuation
Arabic Question Mark ؟ ؟ OtherPunctuation
Arabic Letter Kashmiri Yeh ؠ ؠ OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Hamza ء ء OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Alef With Madda Above آ آ OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Alef With Hamza Above أ أ OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Waw With Hamza Above ؤ ؤ OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Alef With Hamza Below إ إ OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Yeh With Hamza Above ئ ئ OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Alef ا ا OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Beh ب ب OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Teh Marbuta ة ة OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Teh ت ت OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Theh ث ث OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Jeem ج ج OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Hah ح ح OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Khah خ خ OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Dal د د OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Thal ذ ذ OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Reh ر ر OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Zain ز ز OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Seen س س OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Sheen ش ش OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Sad ص ص OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Dad ض ض OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Tah ط ط OtherLetter
Arabic Letter Zah ظ ظ OtherLetter