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Unicode Group 'Letterlike Symbols'

This is a list of all the unicode characters that are part of the Letterlike Symbols group.
Symbol Name Entity Code Decimal Code Hex Code
Account Of ℀ ℀
Addressed To The Subject ℁ ℁
Double-Struck Capital C ℂ ℂ
Degree Celsius ℃ ℃
Centre Line Symbol ℄ ℄
Care Of ℅ ℅
Cada Una ℆ ℆
Euler Constant ℇ ℇ
Scruple ℈ ℈
Degree Fahrenheit ℉ ℉
Script Small G ℊ ℊ
Script Capital H ℋ ℋ
Black-Letter Capital H ℌ ℌ
Double-Struck Capital H ℍ ℍ
Planck Constant ℎ ℎ
Planck Constant Over Two Pi ℏ ℏ
Script Capital I ℐ ℐ
Black-Letter Capital I ℑ ℑ ℑ
Script Capital L ℒ ℒ
Script Small L ℓ ℓ
L B Bar Symbol ℔ ℔
Double-Struck Capital N ℕ ℕ
Numero Sign № №
Sound Recording Copyright ℗ ℗
Script Capital P ℘ ℘ ℘
Double-Struck Capital P ℙ ℙ
Double-Struck Capital Q ℚ ℚ
Script Capital R ℛ ℛ
Black-Letter Capital R ℜ ℜ ℜ
Double-Struck Capital R ℝ ℝ
Prescription Take ℞ ℞
Response ℟ ℟
Service Mark ℠ ℠
Telephone Sign ℡ ℡
Trade Mark Sign ™ ™ ™
Versicle ℣ ℣
Double-Struck Capital Z ℤ ℤ
Ounce Sign ℥ ℥
Ohm Sign Ω Ω
Inverted Ohm Sign ℧ ℧
Black-Letter Capital Z ℨ ℨ
Turned Greek Small Letter Iota ℩ ℩
Kelvin Sign K K
Angstrom Sign Å Å
Script Capital B ℬ ℬ
Black-Letter Capital C ℭ ℭ
Estimated Symbol ℮ ℮
Script Small E ℯ ℯ
Script Capital E ℰ ℰ
Script Capital F ℱ ℱ
Turned Capital F Ⅎ Ⅎ
Script Capital M ℳ ℳ
Script Small O ℴ ℴ
Alef Symbol ℵ ℵ ℵ
Bet Symbol ℶ ℶ
Gimel Symbol ℷ ℷ
Dalet Symbol ℸ ℸ
Information Source ℹ ℹ
Rotated Capital Q ℺ ℺
Facsimile Sign ℻ ℻
Double-Struck Small Pi ℼ ℼ
Double-Struck Small Gamma ℽ ℽ
Double-Struck Capital Gamma ℾ ℾ
Double-Struck Capital Pi ℿ ℿ
Double-Struck N-Ary Summation ⅀ ⅀
Turned Sans-Serif Capital G ⅁ ⅁
Turned Sans-Serif Capital L ⅂ ⅂
Reversed Sans-Serif Capital L ⅃ ⅃
Turned Sans-Serif Capital Y ⅄ ⅄
Double-Struck Italic Capital D ⅅ ⅅ
Double-Struck Italic Small D ⅆ ⅆ
Double-Struck Italic Small E ⅇ ⅇ
Double-Struck Italic Small I ⅈ ⅈ
Double-Struck Italic Small J ⅉ ⅉ
Property Line ⅊ ⅊
Turned Ampersand ⅋ ⅋
Per Sign ⅌ ⅌
Aktieselskab ⅍ ⅍
Turned Small F ⅎ ⅎ
Symbol For Samaritan Source ⅏ ⅏