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Unicode Group 'Khmer'

This is a list of all the unicode characters that are part of the Khmer group.
Symbol Name Entity Code Decimal Code Hex Code
Khmer Letter Ka ក ក
Khmer Letter Kha ខ ខ
Khmer Letter Ko គ គ
Khmer Letter Kho ឃ ឃ
Khmer Letter Ngo ង ង
Khmer Letter Ca ច ច
Khmer Letter Cha ឆ ឆ
Khmer Letter Co ជ ជ
Khmer Letter Cho ឈ ឈ
Khmer Letter Nyo ញ ញ
Khmer Letter Da ដ ដ
Khmer Letter Ttha ឋ ឋ
Khmer Letter Do ឌ ឌ
Khmer Letter Ttho ឍ ឍ
Khmer Letter Nno ណ ណ
Khmer Letter Ta ត ត
Khmer Letter Tha ថ ថ
Khmer Letter To ទ ទ
Khmer Letter Tho ធ ធ
Khmer Letter No ន ន
Khmer Letter Ba ប ប
Khmer Letter Pha ផ ផ
Khmer Letter Po ព ព
Khmer Letter Pho ភ ភ
Khmer Letter Mo ម ម
Khmer Letter Yo យ យ
Khmer Letter Ro រ រ
Khmer Letter Lo ល ល
Khmer Letter Vo វ វ
Khmer Letter Sha ឝ ឝ
Khmer Letter Sso ឞ ឞ
Khmer Letter Sa ស ស
Khmer Letter Ha ហ ហ
Khmer Letter La ឡ ឡ
Khmer Letter Qa អ អ
Khmer Independent Vowel Qaq ឣ ឣ
Khmer Independent Vowel Qaa ឤ ឤ
Khmer Independent Vowel Qi ឥ ឥ
Khmer Independent Vowel Qii ឦ ឦ
Khmer Independent Vowel Qu ឧ ឧ
Khmer Independent Vowel Quk ឨ ឨ
Khmer Independent Vowel Quu ឩ ឩ
Khmer Independent Vowel Quuv ឪ ឪ
Khmer Independent Vowel Ry ឫ ឫ
Khmer Independent Vowel Ryy ឬ ឬ
Khmer Independent Vowel Ly ឭ ឭ
Khmer Independent Vowel Lyy ឮ ឮ
Khmer Independent Vowel Qe ឯ ឯ
Khmer Independent Vowel Qai ឰ ឰ
Khmer Independent Vowel Qoo Type One ឱ ឱ
Khmer Independent Vowel Qoo Type Two ឲ ឲ
Khmer Independent Vowel Qau ឳ ឳ
Khmer Vowel Inherent Aq ឴ ឴
Khmer Vowel Inherent Aa ឵ ឵
Khmer Vowel Sign Aa ា ា
Khmer Vowel Sign I ិ ិ
Khmer Vowel Sign Ii ី ី
Khmer Vowel Sign Y ឹ ឹ
Khmer Vowel Sign Yy ឺ ឺ
Khmer Vowel Sign U ុ ុ
Khmer Vowel Sign Uu ូ ូ
Khmer Vowel Sign Ua ួ ួ
Khmer Vowel Sign Oe ើ ើ
Khmer Vowel Sign Ya ឿ ឿ
Khmer Vowel Sign Ie ៀ ៀ
Khmer Vowel Sign E េ េ
Khmer Vowel Sign Ae ែ ែ
Khmer Vowel Sign Ai ៃ ៃ
Khmer Vowel Sign Oo ោ ោ
Khmer Vowel Sign Au ៅ ៅ
Khmer Sign Nikahit ំ ំ
Khmer Sign Reahmuk ះ ះ
Khmer Sign Yuukaleapintu ៈ ៈ
Khmer Sign Muusikatoan ៉ ៉
Khmer Sign Triisap ៊ ៊
Khmer Sign Bantoc ់ ់
Khmer Sign Robat ៌ ៌
Khmer Sign Toandakhiat ៍ ៍
Khmer Sign Kakabat ៎ ៎
Khmer Sign Ahsda ៏ ៏
Khmer Sign Samyok Sannya ័ ័
Khmer Sign Viriam ៑ ៑
Khmer Sign Coeng ្ ្
Khmer Sign Bathamasat ៓ ៓
Khmer Sign Khan ។ ។
Khmer Sign Bariyoosan ៕ ៕
Khmer Sign Camnuc Pii Kuuh ៖ ៖
Khmer Sign Lek Too ៗ ៗ
Khmer Sign Beyyal ៘ ៘
Khmer Sign Phnaek Muan ៙ ៙
Khmer Sign Koomuut ៚ ៚
Khmer Currency Symbol Riel ៛ ៛
Khmer Sign Avakrahasanya ៜ ៜ
Khmer Sign Atthacan ៝ ៝
Khmer Digit Zero ០ ០
Khmer Digit One ១ ១
Khmer Digit Two ២ ២
Khmer Digit Three ៣ ៣
Khmer Digit Four ៤ ៤
Khmer Digit Five ៥ ៥
Khmer Digit Six ៦ ៦
Khmer Digit Seven ៧ ៧
Khmer Digit Eight ៨ ៨
Khmer Digit Nine ៩ ៩
Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Son ៰ ៰
Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Muoy ៱ ៱
Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Pii ៲ ៲
Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Bei ៳ ៳
Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Buon ៴ ៴
Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Pram ៵ ៵
Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Pram-Muoy ៶ ៶
Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Pram-Pii ៷ ៷
Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Pram-Bei ៸ ៸
Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Pram-Buon ៹ ៹