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Unicode Group 'Hangul Jamo'

This is a list of all the unicode characters that are part of the Hangul Jamo group.
Symbol Name Entity Code Decimal Code Hex Code
Hangul Choseong Kiyeok ᄀ ᄀ
Hangul Choseong Ssangkiyeok ᄁ ᄁ
Hangul Choseong Nieun ᄂ ᄂ
Hangul Choseong Tikeut ᄃ ᄃ
Hangul Choseong Ssangtikeut ᄄ ᄄ
Hangul Choseong Rieul ᄅ ᄅ
Hangul Choseong Mieum ᄆ ᄆ
Hangul Choseong Pieup ᄇ ᄇ
Hangul Choseong Ssangpieup ᄈ ᄈ
Hangul Choseong Sios ᄉ ᄉ
Hangul Choseong Ssangsios ᄊ ᄊ
Hangul Choseong Ieung ᄋ ᄋ
Hangul Choseong Cieuc ᄌ ᄌ
Hangul Choseong Ssangcieuc ᄍ ᄍ
Hangul Choseong Chieuch ᄎ ᄎ
Hangul Choseong Khieukh ᄏ ᄏ
Hangul Choseong Thieuth ᄐ ᄐ
Hangul Choseong Phieuph ᄑ ᄑ
Hangul Choseong Hieuh ᄒ ᄒ
Hangul Choseong Nieun-Kiyeok ᄓ ᄓ
Hangul Choseong Ssangnieun ᄔ ᄔ
Hangul Choseong Nieun-Tikeut ᄕ ᄕ
Hangul Choseong Nieun-Pieup ᄖ ᄖ
Hangul Choseong Tikeut-Kiyeok ᄗ ᄗ
Hangul Choseong Rieul-Nieun ᄘ ᄘ
Hangul Choseong Ssangrieul ᄙ ᄙ
Hangul Choseong Rieul-Hieuh ᄚ ᄚ
Hangul Choseong Kapyeounrieul ᄛ ᄛ
Hangul Choseong Mieum-Pieup ᄜ ᄜ
Hangul Choseong Kapyeounmieum ᄝ ᄝ
Hangul Choseong Pieup-Kiyeok ᄞ ᄞ
Hangul Choseong Pieup-Nieun ᄟ ᄟ
Hangul Choseong Pieup-Tikeut ᄠ ᄠ
Hangul Choseong Pieup-Sios ᄡ ᄡ
Hangul Choseong Pieup-Sios-Kiyeok ᄢ ᄢ
Hangul Choseong Pieup-Sios-Tikeut ᄣ ᄣ
Hangul Choseong Pieup-Sios-Pieup ᄤ ᄤ
Hangul Choseong Pieup-Ssangsios ᄥ ᄥ
Hangul Choseong Pieup-Sios-Cieuc ᄦ ᄦ
Hangul Choseong Pieup-Cieuc ᄧ ᄧ
Hangul Choseong Pieup-Chieuch ᄨ ᄨ
Hangul Choseong Pieup-Thieuth ᄩ ᄩ
Hangul Choseong Pieup-Phieuph ᄪ ᄪ
Hangul Choseong Kapyeounpieup ᄫ ᄫ
Hangul Choseong Kapyeounssangpieup ᄬ ᄬ
Hangul Choseong Sios-Kiyeok ᄭ ᄭ
Hangul Choseong Sios-Nieun ᄮ ᄮ
Hangul Choseong Sios-Tikeut ᄯ ᄯ
Hangul Choseong Sios-Rieul ᄰ ᄰ
Hangul Choseong Sios-Mieum ᄱ ᄱ
Hangul Choseong Sios-Pieup ᄲ ᄲ
Hangul Choseong Sios-Pieup-Kiyeok ᄳ ᄳ
Hangul Choseong Sios-Ssangsios ᄴ ᄴ
Hangul Choseong Sios-Ieung ᄵ ᄵ
Hangul Choseong Sios-Cieuc ᄶ ᄶ
Hangul Choseong Sios-Chieuch ᄷ ᄷ
Hangul Choseong Sios-Khieukh ᄸ ᄸ
Hangul Choseong Sios-Thieuth ᄹ ᄹ
Hangul Choseong Sios-Phieuph ᄺ ᄺ
Hangul Choseong Sios-Hieuh ᄻ ᄻ
Hangul Choseong Chitueumsios ᄼ ᄼ
Hangul Choseong Chitueumssangsios ᄽ ᄽ
Hangul Choseong Ceongchieumsios ᄾ ᄾ
Hangul Choseong Ceongchieumssangsios ᄿ ᄿ
Hangul Choseong Pansios ᅀ ᅀ
Hangul Choseong Ieung-Kiyeok ᅁ ᅁ
Hangul Choseong Ieung-Tikeut ᅂ ᅂ
Hangul Choseong Ieung-Mieum ᅃ ᅃ
Hangul Choseong Ieung-Pieup ᅄ ᅄ
Hangul Choseong Ieung-Sios ᅅ ᅅ
Hangul Choseong Ieung-Pansios ᅆ ᅆ
Hangul Choseong Ssangieung ᅇ ᅇ
Hangul Choseong Ieung-Cieuc ᅈ ᅈ
Hangul Choseong Ieung-Chieuch ᅉ ᅉ
Hangul Choseong Ieung-Thieuth ᅊ ᅊ
Hangul Choseong Ieung-Phieuph ᅋ ᅋ
Hangul Choseong Yesieung ᅌ ᅌ
Hangul Choseong Cieuc-Ieung ᅍ ᅍ
Hangul Choseong Chitueumcieuc ᅎ ᅎ
Hangul Choseong Chitueumssangcieuc ᅏ ᅏ
Hangul Choseong Ceongchieumcieuc ᅐ ᅐ
Hangul Choseong Ceongchieumssangcieuc ᅑ ᅑ
Hangul Choseong Chieuch-Khieukh ᅒ ᅒ
Hangul Choseong Chieuch-Hieuh ᅓ ᅓ
Hangul Choseong Chitueumchieuch ᅔ ᅔ
Hangul Choseong Ceongchieumchieuch ᅕ ᅕ
Hangul Choseong Phieuph-Pieup ᅖ ᅖ
Hangul Choseong Kapyeounphieuph ᅗ ᅗ
Hangul Choseong Ssanghieuh ᅘ ᅘ
Hangul Choseong Yeorinhieuh ᅙ ᅙ
Hangul Choseong Kiyeok-Tikeut ᅚ ᅚ
Hangul Choseong Nieun-Sios ᅛ ᅛ
Hangul Choseong Nieun-Cieuc ᅜ ᅜ
Hangul Choseong Nieun-Hieuh ᅝ ᅝ
Hangul Choseong Tikeut-Rieul ᅞ ᅞ
Hangul Choseong Filler ᅟ ᅟ
Hangul Jungseong Filler ᅠ ᅠ
Hangul Jungseong A ᅡ ᅡ
Hangul Jungseong Ae ᅢ ᅢ
Hangul Jungseong Ya ᅣ ᅣ
Hangul Jungseong Yae ᅤ ᅤ
Hangul Jungseong Eo ᅥ ᅥ
Hangul Jungseong E ᅦ ᅦ
Hangul Jungseong Yeo ᅧ ᅧ
Hangul Jungseong Ye ᅨ ᅨ
Hangul Jungseong O ᅩ ᅩ
Hangul Jungseong Wa ᅪ ᅪ
Hangul Jungseong Wae ᅫ ᅫ
Hangul Jungseong Oe ᅬ ᅬ
Hangul Jungseong Yo ᅭ ᅭ
Hangul Jungseong U ᅮ ᅮ
Hangul Jungseong Weo ᅯ ᅯ
Hangul Jungseong We ᅰ ᅰ
Hangul Jungseong Wi ᅱ ᅱ
Hangul Jungseong Yu ᅲ ᅲ
Hangul Jungseong Eu ᅳ ᅳ
Hangul Jungseong Yi ᅴ ᅴ
Hangul Jungseong I ᅵ ᅵ
Hangul Jungseong A-O ᅶ ᅶ
Hangul Jungseong A-U ᅷ ᅷ
Hangul Jungseong Ya-O ᅸ ᅸ
Hangul Jungseong Ya-Yo ᅹ ᅹ
Hangul Jungseong Eo-O ᅺ ᅺ
Hangul Jungseong Eo-U ᅻ ᅻ
Hangul Jungseong Eo-Eu ᅼ ᅼ
Hangul Jungseong Yeo-O ᅽ ᅽ
Hangul Jungseong Yeo-U ᅾ ᅾ
Hangul Jungseong O-Eo ᅿ ᅿ
Hangul Jungseong O-E ᆀ ᆀ
Hangul Jungseong O-Ye ᆁ ᆁ
Hangul Jungseong O-O ᆂ ᆂ
Hangul Jungseong O-U ᆃ ᆃ
Hangul Jungseong Yo-Ya ᆄ ᆄ
Hangul Jungseong Yo-Yae ᆅ ᆅ
Hangul Jungseong Yo-Yeo ᆆ ᆆ
Hangul Jungseong Yo-O ᆇ ᆇ
Hangul Jungseong Yo-I ᆈ ᆈ
Hangul Jungseong U-A ᆉ ᆉ
Hangul Jungseong U-Ae ᆊ ᆊ
Hangul Jungseong U-Eo-Eu ᆋ ᆋ
Hangul Jungseong U-Ye ᆌ ᆌ
Hangul Jungseong U-U ᆍ ᆍ
Hangul Jungseong Yu-A ᆎ ᆎ
Hangul Jungseong Yu-Eo ᆏ ᆏ
Hangul Jungseong Yu-E ᆐ ᆐ
Hangul Jungseong Yu-Yeo ᆑ ᆑ
Hangul Jungseong Yu-Ye ᆒ ᆒ
Hangul Jungseong Yu-U ᆓ ᆓ
Hangul Jungseong Yu-I ᆔ ᆔ
Hangul Jungseong Eu-U ᆕ ᆕ
Hangul Jungseong Eu-Eu ᆖ ᆖ
Hangul Jungseong Yi-U ᆗ ᆗ
Hangul Jungseong I-A ᆘ ᆘ
Hangul Jungseong I-Ya ᆙ ᆙ
Hangul Jungseong I-O ᆚ ᆚ
Hangul Jungseong I-U ᆛ ᆛ
Hangul Jungseong I-Eu ᆜ ᆜ
Hangul Jungseong I-Araea ᆝ ᆝ
Hangul Jungseong Araea ᆞ ᆞ
Hangul Jungseong Araea-Eo ᆟ ᆟ
Hangul Jungseong Araea-U ᆠ ᆠ
Hangul Jungseong Araea-I ᆡ ᆡ
Hangul Jungseong Ssangaraea ᆢ ᆢ
Hangul Jungseong A-Eu ᆣ ᆣ
Hangul Jungseong Ya-U ᆤ ᆤ
Hangul Jungseong Yeo-Ya ᆥ ᆥ
Hangul Jungseong O-Ya ᆦ ᆦ
Hangul Jungseong O-Yae ᆧ ᆧ
Hangul Jongseong Kiyeok ᆨ ᆨ
Hangul Jongseong Ssangkiyeok ᆩ ᆩ
Hangul Jongseong Kiyeok-Sios ᆪ ᆪ
Hangul Jongseong Nieun ᆫ ᆫ
Hangul Jongseong Nieun-Cieuc ᆬ ᆬ
Hangul Jongseong Nieun-Hieuh ᆭ ᆭ
Hangul Jongseong Tikeut ᆮ ᆮ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul ᆯ ᆯ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Kiyeok ᆰ ᆰ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Mieum ᆱ ᆱ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Pieup ᆲ ᆲ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Sios ᆳ ᆳ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Thieuth ᆴ ᆴ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Phieuph ᆵ ᆵ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Hieuh ᆶ ᆶ
Hangul Jongseong Mieum ᆷ ᆷ
Hangul Jongseong Pieup ᆸ ᆸ
Hangul Jongseong Pieup-Sios ᆹ ᆹ
Hangul Jongseong Sios ᆺ ᆺ
Hangul Jongseong Ssangsios ᆻ ᆻ
Hangul Jongseong Ieung ᆼ ᆼ
Hangul Jongseong Cieuc ᆽ ᆽ
Hangul Jongseong Chieuch ᆾ ᆾ
Hangul Jongseong Khieukh ᆿ ᆿ
Hangul Jongseong Thieuth ᇀ ᇀ
Hangul Jongseong Phieuph ᇁ ᇁ
Hangul Jongseong Hieuh ᇂ ᇂ
Hangul Jongseong Kiyeok-Rieul ᇃ ᇃ
Hangul Jongseong Kiyeok-Sios-Kiyeok ᇄ ᇄ
Hangul Jongseong Nieun-Kiyeok ᇅ ᇅ
Hangul Jongseong Nieun-Tikeut ᇆ ᇆ
Hangul Jongseong Nieun-Sios ᇇ ᇇ
Hangul Jongseong Nieun-Pansios ᇈ ᇈ
Hangul Jongseong Nieun-Thieuth ᇉ ᇉ
Hangul Jongseong Tikeut-Kiyeok ᇊ ᇊ
Hangul Jongseong Tikeut-Rieul ᇋ ᇋ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Kiyeok-Sios ᇌ ᇌ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Nieun ᇍ ᇍ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Tikeut ᇎ ᇎ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Tikeut-Hieuh ᇏ ᇏ
Hangul Jongseong Ssangrieul ᇐ ᇐ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Mieum-Kiyeok ᇑ ᇑ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Mieum-Sios ᇒ ᇒ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Pieup-Sios ᇓ ᇓ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Pieup-Hieuh ᇔ ᇔ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Kapyeounpieup ᇕ ᇕ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Ssangsios ᇖ ᇖ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Pansios ᇗ ᇗ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Khieukh ᇘ ᇘ
Hangul Jongseong Rieul-Yeorinhieuh ᇙ ᇙ
Hangul Jongseong Mieum-Kiyeok ᇚ ᇚ
Hangul Jongseong Mieum-Rieul ᇛ ᇛ
Hangul Jongseong Mieum-Pieup ᇜ ᇜ
Hangul Jongseong Mieum-Sios ᇝ ᇝ
Hangul Jongseong Mieum-Ssangsios ᇞ ᇞ
Hangul Jongseong Mieum-Pansios ᇟ ᇟ
Hangul Jongseong Mieum-Chieuch ᇠ ᇠ
Hangul Jongseong Mieum-Hieuh ᇡ ᇡ
Hangul Jongseong Kapyeounmieum ᇢ ᇢ
Hangul Jongseong Pieup-Rieul ᇣ ᇣ
Hangul Jongseong Pieup-Phieuph ᇤ ᇤ
Hangul Jongseong Pieup-Hieuh ᇥ ᇥ
Hangul Jongseong Kapyeounpieup ᇦ ᇦ
Hangul Jongseong Sios-Kiyeok ᇧ ᇧ
Hangul Jongseong Sios-Tikeut ᇨ ᇨ
Hangul Jongseong Sios-Rieul ᇩ ᇩ
Hangul Jongseong Sios-Pieup ᇪ ᇪ
Hangul Jongseong Pansios ᇫ ᇫ
Hangul Jongseong Ieung-Kiyeok ᇬ ᇬ
Hangul Jongseong Ieung-Ssangkiyeok ᇭ ᇭ
Hangul Jongseong Ssangieung ᇮ ᇮ
Hangul Jongseong Ieung-Khieukh ᇯ ᇯ
Hangul Jongseong Yesieung ᇰ ᇰ
Hangul Jongseong Yesieung-Sios ᇱ ᇱ
Hangul Jongseong Yesieung-Pansios ᇲ ᇲ
Hangul Jongseong Phieuph-Pieup ᇳ ᇳ
Hangul Jongseong Kapyeounphieuph ᇴ ᇴ
Hangul Jongseong Hieuh-Nieun ᇵ ᇵ
Hangul Jongseong Hieuh-Rieul ᇶ ᇶ
Hangul Jongseong Hieuh-Mieum ᇷ ᇷ
Hangul Jongseong Hieuh-Pieup ᇸ ᇸ
Hangul Jongseong Yeorinhieuh ᇹ ᇹ
Hangul Jongseong Kiyeok-Nieun ᇺ ᇺ
Hangul Jongseong Kiyeok-Pieup ᇻ ᇻ
Hangul Jongseong Kiyeok-Chieuch ᇼ ᇼ
Hangul Jongseong Kiyeok-Khieukh ᇽ ᇽ
Hangul Jongseong Kiyeok-Hieuh ᇾ ᇾ
Hangul Jongseong Ssangnieun ᇿ ᇿ